Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Alexia and the Lost Planet.

It's been a long time but here are some more freebies of Alexia's adventure.
"Curiosity killed the cat" so they say... To Alexia, that means nothing.
She continues to explore this strange world without any fear or what could happen to her beautiful body...

Only time will tell.

On related news, I have AOTO Part 5 scheduled to be released on October 25th!
It's finally coming!

Please don't forget to comment and add your suggestions!

The Merovingian.


  1. Deeply looking forward to more of Alexia and AOTO 5!

  2. Curious to see what sort of creatures she will meet.It look very promising.
    I'm impatient to see AOTO5.

  3. Would you consider ever doing futa/shemale?

  4. Yes I have considered using shamales on my work.

  5. Woah! Alexia looks Amazing !! take a blonde Babe is a really nice idea
    I cant wait to see her in some Anal-Action ..i hope ;-)
    greetings from your biggest german fan !