Concepts / Test renders

Here is a small collection of some concepts and test renders.

For this one I was still trying to decide what setting I would use for Attack of the Orcs. 
This is just one of a few settings I tested with. 
No Postwork done except for the copyrights logo.

This one was a very early test on Cinema 4D.
As you can see, I was having some issues with materials and textures just disappearing.
Also, I was not set on the male models. These where just for the test render.

Another Cinema 4D test.


  1. i like the first one !
    (i m in love with fantasia)
    greetings from germany :-)

  2. I enjoy looking over your work. 3D is new to me as well as an interest. How long does one scene take to develop?

    1. A complex scene with 4 characters take about 3 days to finish. This is also including lighting and test renders as well as setting up the poses and morphs.

  3. Pra você nomear os arquivos como "chupadora+toda+gozada.jpg" e "cu+gozad+3+caras.jpg", tu só pode ser brasileiro ein conterrâneo?

    Cara, curto muito o teu trabalho (ou hobby, rsrs). Aprecio muito suas renderizações, o cuidado que você tem com os materiais e iluminação. E lógico, o conteúdo também. Tuas modelos são de encher os olhos e as cenas sempre muito eróticas.

    Parabéns meu caro.

  4. I'm very late. The images caught and arouse sexual interest. You use porn actresses and actors for pre-assembly? I look at these paintings with my special lenses on my TV and are more interesting than a porn video.
    Merovigian CGI Studio will perform the video series the attack of the orcs?
    It must be a success. I came to this world my nephews. I was invited to see the Stone Princess and the Secret of Beauty - Ritual of Orcs. I'm stuck here. Oh my God!

    1. I don't use any porn or art references at all. I just wait for some new ideas to pop in my head and then try to put them into the renders.