Commissions / FAQ

Do you take commissions?

  • Commercial commissions only.
  • If you are interested in commission work please send me an email first to discuss what you would like.

Do you take requests?

  • Not at the moment.

How do I get started to make 3D pictures?

  • I've always been into movies, video games, computers and special effects. I was introduced to CGI back in 1996 and have been hooked into it since then.

Do you make custom morphs for your renders?

  • Yes I do, for every tricky pose. When I need to fix problems with the DAZ models such as Vicky's joints and lack of a natural looking buttocks.

Do you use Photoshop for postwork?

  • Only minimal use of PS. Usually I use it to add caption or make logos. Also for color correction. No major modifications to any of my renders.

Where do you get the models from?

  • Mostly from DAZ, Runtimedna and Renderosity.

Do you plan on selling the morphs and models you make?

  • Not at the moment.

Which programs do you use?

  • Poser Pro 2012, Cinema 4d, Photoshop CS5, zBrush 4.


  1. Hello Merovingian,

    I really like your style on these images/picture sets, and just wondering how much you charge/how the pricing works for a commission?


  2. your lights...could you please contact me to give me any info?
    The name is isikol ;)

  3. Hello!
    congratulation for your work. I would like to commission some 3D comics.
    Please contact me and let me know also the pricing per page (the comics will be one slide per page).
    Here's my e-mail:

    Thank you

  4. hi, My name is Phil Fang. I am currently working with another company to start an adult game subscription site. We are currently looking for games to license or we are open to hire an artist to develop some CGI videos and comics. I am wondering if you are interested in licensing your content to us or work with us to develop content. Please reach back at your earliest convenience. you can email me at thank you and have a nice day.

    1. Hi Phil,

      I'd be interested in working with you guys.
      Can you tell me more about the project? What's the deadline, compensation, what are you guys looking to license from me?

      Just want to know the scope of the project. Also, what is your website where you sell content?

      Contact me at to discuss.