Thursday, June 5, 2014

First of all I wanted to apologize for the lack of content to my blog.
I've been super busy with the AOTO series and not to mention my regular job.

I've been testing out a new idea I had for an entire new series which I plan to release.
It will be set in a post apocalyptic world where females "surprise surprise" get their brains fucked off.

I'll start by introducing the main protagonist Alexia.
Alexia is a beautiful and adventurous young woman. Her adventurous side often gets her in trouble.
On the first chapter of her story, Alexia stumbles upon a mysterious and dark side of her world.
She decides to explore this strange place... discovering new things she had never seen before.

Mesmerized by the alien like appearance of this new land, she doesn't realize that the entire time someone has been watching her from afar.

So this is the plot so far. Another thing that I wanted to add is that the new series will be completely free of charge. I will upload each render here. It will take long since I'm working on AOTO5 at the same time.

Let me know what you guys think of the new world and of Alexia.
Any ideas or suggestions will be welcome.


The Merovingian.


  1. i'm curious to see the male characteres who will enjoy of Alexia body.((alien,normal human being?)
    I'd like to see Alexia for more closer too.

  2. that make me very happy :D
    i think the world looks really cool and deeply interesting.
    Alien-Sex is a brilliant idea. make them big and persistent.
    i am a big fan of your work. your character-design is awesome!
    (hope you understand what i try to say because of my terrible english
    -the german guy again- ;) )

    1. Thank you, and your English is fine.
      I'm Brasilian living in America so my English isn't perfect either.

  3. thank you too.
    peace & respect !